How to Create a Class Reunion Page on Facebook

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Creating a class reunion page on Facebook is a great way to reconnect with your classmates and plan reunion events. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create one:

Log in to Facebook: 

Make sure you are logged in to your personal Facebook account. You need to have a personal account to create and manage a Facebook page.

Create a Page: 

a. Click on the small arrow in the upper-right corner of your Facebook homepage. 

b. From the drop-down menu, select “Create Page.”

Choose a Page Category: 

a. Select the “Community or Public Figure” category. 

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b. Under the “Choose a Category” section, choose “Event.” 

c. In the “Event Name” field, enter the name of your class reunion (e.g., “Class of 2000 Reunion”).

Customize Your Page: 

a. Add a profile picture and cover photo relevant to your class or reunion. 

b. Fill out the “About” section with details about your class, the date of the reunion, and any other relevant information. 

c. Click “Create Page @Username” to set a unique username for your page (e.g., @Classof2000Reunion).

Invite Classmates: 

a. Click on the “Invite Friends” button on the left-hand side of your page. 

b. Start typing the names of your classmates and select them from the list that appears. 

c. You can also invite friends by sharing the page on your personal timeline or via Messenger.

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Create Posts and Events: 

  • Share updates, photos, and memories related to your class and upcoming reunion. 
  • Create events for the reunion activities, such as the main reunion event, pre-reunion gatherings, or post-reunion activities. Click on the “Events” tab to create a new event.

Moderate the Page: 

  • Assign trusted classmates as page administrators to help you manage the page. 
  • Monitor and respond to comments and messages on the page.

Promote the Page: 

  • Share the page’s URL with your classmates and encourage them to like and follow the page.
  • Use Facebook’s promotion tools to reach a wider audience if desired.

Plan and Organize Reunion Activities: 

  • Use the page to coordinate details about the reunion, such as the date, location, ticket information, and any special programs. 
  • Keep the page updated with any changes or announcements.
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Engage with Classmates: 

Encourage active participation from your classmates by asking questions, starting discussions, and sharing nostalgic content.

Remember to respect Facebook’s community standards and guidelines when creating and managing your class reunion page. Also, consider privacy settings and the preferences of your classmates when sharing information and photos.

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