How to Schedule Text Messages on Mobile

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Sometimes, we may additionally forget about sending messages to each person, or we can be busy somewhere. In these days fast virtual international, communicating with each other is actually critical. We make conversations with friends, circle of relatives, and employees additionally. So, scheduling textual content messages may be beneficial. It means you can send messages to humans at the right time, even if you are busy or offline. 

Why Schedule Text Messages?

Before we know How to Schedule Text Messages On Your Phone, let’s recognize its importance. You can use it for sending messages at unique times. Plus, you may not neglect to send messages while you are busy.

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Using the Default Messages App

There is a technique for sending messages out of your default app. The system is as follows.

  • Open the Messages on your Android smartphone.
  • Type the text message you want to timetable.
  • Press and preserve the send button. A menu will appear.
  • Select “Schedule Message” and pick out the date and time to send the message.
  • Tap “Confirm” to timetable the message. It’s executed.

Using Third-Party Apps

You can attempt using third-party apps for more options. Some quality apps at the Google Play Store are:

Textra SMS: This app lets you schedule messages, choose sending instances, or even has a “Send Delay” alternative if you are not equipped.

Pulse SMS: It has a cool interface. Pulse SMS permits you to timetable messages in an easy manner.

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Do It Later: This app not only lets you agenda textual content messages but also allows scheduling emails.

Benefits of Scheduled Text Messages:

Scheduling text messages has so many advantages:

  • Right Time: Messages could be dispatched at the proper time.
  • Time Management: Managing your treasured time.
  • Avoid Forgetting: You didn’t neglect important schedules.


SCHEDULE TEXT MESSAGES ON MOBILE is a tremendous way to talk. Whether it’s a vital project, your messages reach the right person at the right time. You are capable of using default apps, or you could download from Google Play, too.

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