KONAMI Unveils eFootball 2024 V3.0.0 Update Details

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EFootball 2024 will arrive between mid-August and September with the brand new season, which includes information updates to reflect promotions/relegations of home leagues and player transfers.

KONAMI’s extraordinarily awaited replacement for their popular football game, eFootball 2024, is scheduled to be released in some months this year. The transition from eFootball 2023 to eFootball 2024 will not only consist of important changes but also introduce exciting new functions. We will delve into the specifics of what this update has in keep for gamers and lovers, with greater details being unveiled quickly.

eFootball 2024 Update Overview

The new season release will encompass the model of version V3.0.0 replacement.

Carryover Items

Many matters will stay identical, as gamers expected when you consider that this transition may not be as full-size as previous ones.

  • eFootball™ Coins
  • eFootball™ Points
  • GP is carried over with a maximum restriction of 999,999,999 GP
  • Nominating Contract
  • Chance Deal
  • Renewal Tokens of 60 Days and 10 Days
  • Training Program
  • Skill Training Program
  • Special Strip
  • Settings
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Nevertheless, KONAMI has indicated that the continuity of positive aspects inclusive of Base Team, Players, Managers, Avatar, and Objectives may additionally range because of various factors. To achieve comprehensive records regarding their carryover popularity, it’s miles really useful to regularly take a look at the authentic internet site.

Portraits of Standard Players

In eFootball 2024, the arrival of widespread participant cards will continue to be unchanged after they attain their highest level. Currently, those cards undergo a change in their picture layout and receive a completely unique appearance after they attain most levels, specifically for gamers with a five-superstar score.

eFootball 2024

Nevertheless, inside the subsequent replacement, this specific thing will not be accessible. Consequently, players’ Standard Player Cards will revert to their unique default photos that have been proven after they first acquired them.

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Removal of Team Playstyle Proficiency

Beginning with eFootball 2024, there can be a high-quality alteration in the Team Playstyle Level. This amendment entails that the inclusion of Team Playstyle Proficiency for players will not exist within the game. As an end result, regardless of which unique Team Playstyle they choose, players will now not encounter any modifications of their Abilities linked to their skill ability stages.

eFootball 2024

This characteristic allows players to pick and use any Team Playstyle they decide upon without issues. As a result of this modification, players who’ve invested Progression Points in improving their talent with a selected Team Playstyle can be reimbursed for those factors whilst the v3.0.0 update is released. This guarantees that gamers can allocate those points toward improving their player attributes in destiny updates.

The missions referred to below will no longer be protected in both the Career Objectives and Debut Missions sections.

  • Increase Team Playstyle Level
  • Complete Objectives
  • Increase Team Play style to 75 Level  or above
  • Complete Debut Missions 2
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We are nevertheless expecting the team to confirm. However, there is currently no respectable affirmation concerning the Team Playstyle Level and managers’ skill ability in Team Playstyle.

eFootball 2024 Update Release Date

The update is planned to show up sometime between mid-August and September, despite the fact that the precise date has not been shown yet. In order to easily implement these updates, a tremendous renovation length can be scheduled through the group, and they will tell us approximately it earlier. This procedure can also take up to per week, so all we will do at this moment is be the affected person and anticipate in addition statistics.

eFootball 2024

The Season 5 version 2.6.0 update will be the last great replacement for the game, and we will provide a complete precision of it all over again once information is available.

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