PUBG Mobile Version 2.8.0 Update Patch Notes

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PUBG Mobile v2.8.0 update will kick start on 7th September! There is a lot of zombie-themed content material to discover on this latest replacement: New themed mode: Zombie Edge, bold PvE enemies, powerful mutated weaponry, and many more.

New survival mode, new enemies! Prepare for the aggressive zombie fights in PUBG Mobile 2.8.0 replacement on 7th September!

The battleground has been inflamed with the aid of some kind of middle power called Aerolith. A new inflamed map quarter now is to be had in the battlefield – The Aerolith Lab. Creatures residing in the surrounding regions are infected via a few unknown viruses! In the face of the lethal threats from these inflamed enemies: mutants, rippers, and rage berserkers, will you live to tell the tale of remaining? 

Explore the wild, equip your role with devastating harm weapons, and start your wild hunt of zombies, monsters, and many different infected creatures! Fabulous rewards may be rewarded for a difficult task, for instance, killing a berserker. Play solo or with a collection; pick your chosen play fashion! Killing a berserker will provide you with a massive amount of supplies, especially an extremely powerful mutated weaponry drop.

More secrets to find out on this recent replacement! Update the game now, get ready for the approaching zombie conflict, and experience your combat against the fierce attack of waves of zombies.

PUBG Mobile v2.8.0 improvements

Significant enhancements are made to maps, places, enemies, weaponry, objects, sports modes, and a lot more in the PUBG Mobile v2.8.0 replace. Now, allow’s stroll through all of the information that has been revealed with the aid of PUBG Mobile inside the “PUGB Mobile version 2.8 replace overview.”

Here’s the whole lot we know about this upcoming 2.8 replace:

Zombie’s Edge (New Themed Mode)

What to play in Zombie’s Edge

  • Available in 3 maps: Livik,Erangel, and Miramar.
  • 2 enemies to defeat: Rippers and Berserkers 
PUBG Mobile Version 2.8.0 Update Patch Notes


  • A Berserker is a father or mother of the bottom of the Aerolith Lab. It can name on the other inflamed creatures, so it could be very hard to defeat. An organization’s combat might be, on occasion, a wise preference.
  • The defeat of a Berserker will deliver you hard and fast mutation gauntlets that may largely boost your threat to survive.


  • A Ripper kills like an assassin 
  • It moves superb rapid, so be careful while you are faced with a collection of Rippers.

Two robust Mutation weapons will drop from these two inflamed strong enemies if you can defeat them: One is Mutation Gauntlets, and the opposite is Mutation Blade.

PUBG Mobile Version 2.8.0 Update Patch Notes

Mutation Gauntlets

Equip your person with the powerful Gauntlets, and you may be given the potential to carry out two abilities and skills:

  • Slam Attack: Players can motivate devastating damage once they choose to wield an effective slam.
  • Smash Attack: The 2D effective talent – Great Smash can be prompted via players to increase an excellent, more powerful assault. Performing a brake attack can be clean and amusing. Jump into the air and strike right down to achieve the talent; it is that easy.
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Mutation Blade

If you prefer to beautify your reflexibility, the Mutation Blade is best. It will give you an amazing boost in agility:

  • Distance Attack: It is viable for a participant to attack waves of zombies from a distance away with the sturdy arm blade.
  • Increased Speed: Go rush for a brief distance in hordes of zombies.

Maglev Hoverboard

An outstanding tool, the Maglev Hoverboard, may be determined in the Aerolith Lab sector.

  • Maglev Hoverboard is a fab journeying vehicle choice for gamers who need to discover in a more flexible manner.
  • Ride a Maglev Hoverboard to fly above the ground or sea.

Classic Mode Improvements

Dagger (New Weapon)

The most recent updates in classic mode have added a new versatile weapon known as the Dagger.

  • Use a Dagger to grip/pass/attack.
  • The Dagger is likewise available within the new themed mode – Zombie’s Edge.

Tactical Gunpower Tool (New Item)

  • This unique attachment is designed in particular for the Crossbow.
  • A delayed explosion within its blast radius while it hits a target after being equipped.
PUBG Mobile Version 2.8.0 Update Patch Notes

Additional Adjustments on Weapons

  • The AUG may be a not unusual weapon inside the 2.8 update.
  • The FAMAS becomes the brand new rare firearm discovered best in airdrops, which brings exhilaration to finding special loot.
  • (To make certain the gameplay stays fair and balanced, modifications had been made to the stats of those firearms.)
  • The MK12 will quickly be available on all maps.
  • The boosted ACE32 will maintain players combating in a more engaged way.
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Editor Updates

Many updates had been made to the editor with a focus on improving the revel for players and creators. These upgrades involve including new features like:

  • Character transfer devices
  • Gameplay gadgets
  • Interactive objects
  • Decorative and constructing items
  • Map templates.

There have additionally been enhancements to present gameplay devices, game parameter settings, and editor functions.

PvE Gameplay Template

The upcoming update for PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 will carry exciting new capabilities, such as a sparkling PvE template and exceptional forms of enemies. The development group is encouraging both players and content creators to take part in exploring and enjoying these additions.

Stay tuned to analyze more as soon as there are greater new features added to the sport!

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